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So, based on the shape of their fruit, plant collectors generally lumped both together as “geranium.” To tackle the complex history of geranium or pelargonium, one has to confront the use of common names versus scientific ones.

Scientific names give individuals a common language by which they could communicate with other people, no matter the country they are from or what their mother tongue might be. Andrews, a prolific and popular garden writer and illustrator in the early 1800’s, rejected the name – thus leaving us with nomenclatural confusion.

In vegetative breeding, one such revolutionary breakthrough, bringing together the best features of ivy and zonal geraniums established a new geranium class, The excellent performing Caliente series (‘Coral,’ ‘Deep Red,’ 2005) look and behave more like ivy geraniums.

Subsequent jaw-dropping introductions, ‘Hot Coral,’ ‘Pink’ and the best of the best, ‘Orange,’ 2010, are naturally early flowering with large shatter-resistant flowers, dense, mounding plants exhibiting extreme heat-tolerance, thus giving gardeners reliable plants with a continuous supply of carefree glowing color all summer long, even under extreme weather conditions.

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The number one thing gardeners want is not another red geranium, but a plant they can count on.Grandiosa Regals is Dummen’s new geranium interspecific series in a cross between three geranium species ().Although the flowers look like Regal geraniums the plants act like zonals, representing a new benchmark in one of the showiest spring bloomers.Prior to the 1990’s all hybrids were from diploid geraniums.But in 1991, Pan American Seed Company had a major breakthrough in ‘Freckles,’ a tetraploid hybrid, another AAS Winner (l991).

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