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An interpretation of the canon Sith Warrior story from Corellia to Ziost, with flashbacks.

A lot of millennials have fallen in love with Tinder and its "love at first swipe" formula.

For example, Tinder users might encounter the problem of unpicky mass-texting and unfulfilling superficiality.The little heart denotes a "charm" which you can send a desirable match, akin to the Tinder right-swipe.The app matches users with similar interests and skill levels in sports, which hopefully leads to a deeper bond between players." Whereas with Tinder you can match up with those nearby, Friendsy only lets you sift through profiles of students at your university, verified by an email address.Founder Vaidhy Mutri told Tech Crunch, "we're trying to do to Tinder what Facebook did to Myspace.

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