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If you’re new to the game, you will also find our articles on poker bonuses and the best no deposit required bonuses helpful. If you are a micro stakes player in today’s climate, a HUD is one of the best investments you can make.We have reviews of the two most popular HUDs, Pokertracker 4 and Holdem Manager 2.[LL] “I found another poker calculator that’s for Windows but runs great using Wine on Macs: Equilab“, Leroy the Lion reported back. ” [NN] “I bought Poker Cruncher, which also has Android, and Mac versions.” [LL] “How much did it cost? ” [LL] “It’s an HTML-like language that’s used for formatting posts on some web message boards.” [NN] “‘BB’ for ‘bulletin board’, I think.” [LL] “Oh, and I quickly discovered why both of the apps have Monte Carlo simulations.” [FF] “I thought you said they were plenty fast”, Figaro the Fish commented. until I ran a complicated scenario with two hand ranges against each other. A complete analysis still took under a minute, but if you just want a quick and dirty answer, then the faster estimate worked well enough, getting within one tenth of a percent in only two seconds.” [NN] “And you definitely need the simulation if you’re running an app on your cell phone.” [LL] “What app are you using on your i Phone?But he’s certainly a ten in my book, as in the -million-dollar man.” [GG] “From a ten thousand dollar buy-in.” [RR] “Appropriately, he held Ace-Ten to eliminate van Hoof in third place, and he sealed the victory over Felix Stephensen by turning pocket Tens into a set of Tens on the final hand.” [SS] “Jacobson won ten final table showdowns and lost ten. He TD’ed events around the world for the next quarter century, including the inaugural events for the Commerce Casino in Southern California and the World Poker Tour, before retiring last year.” [RR] “That’s cool.And fittingly, he’s cashed in ten tournaments this year. [SS] “Have you guys seen who’s going to be inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame next week? Tournament directors are always underappreciated”, Roderick noted wryly.Or even click and drag to quickly select multiple hands.

[FF] “Hey, that’s pretty cool.” [NN] “You can also tap on any specific starting hand.

This guide will help new players learn how to play poker and beat the lowest stakes. The games are tougher than ever before, and the current game requires more than just an understanding of preflop opening ranges to win longterm.

We will teach you the tight, aggressive strategy that beats the micro stakes of today.

Don’t bother with the Basic version.” [FF] “Why not? The Advanced version seems to be pretty similar to Equilab feature-wise, with built-in and savable hand ranges.

But it also lets you save hand scenarios.” [LL] “Equilab may let you do that on a PC or a good emulator, but it doesn’t work in Wine (it just pops up an empty error dialog box).

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