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Maya twists her torso and observes Wyatt lying on the mat ().She thinks that looks like fun and gives it a try by falling back and lifting her legs up high.Cleverly, he rolls to the side and pushes himself up with his arm.Wyatt looks over at the girls before again falling back on the mat ().Wyatt’s accidental fall becomes a new theme in their social game, and he shifts to the role of leader with Maya and Anna as followers.Wyatt swings his legs downward like a counter-balance in an effort to sit up, but he does not yet have enough core strength ().Her heel is against the gym mat preventing her from stepping back, and she loses her balance momentarily ().Wyatt reaches inside the box and tugs on Stella’s blue shirt ( - ).

Anna looks over at Maya and Wyatt lying on their backs and decides to imitate her friends ( – ).She watches as her friends enjoy popping up and returning to a seated position on the mat ( – ). Anna bounces energetically while Maya and Wyatt turn their heads and watch ().The pauses to watch let us know that they are playing a social game of imitation rather than just having fun bouncing on the mat individually.Stella pats Wyatt’s leg, perhaps to say, “I’m still here,” or as a way to participate in his physical play without leaving the box. While the actions that the children engage in are intrinsically enjoyable they work continually to maintain their social bond. It could be that young children are not yet thinking about the actions of others as deliberate or intentional.Stella is inspired by the infectious actions of her friends.

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