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If it's been up for eight Razzies, I've probably seen it.

This is the dishy but tongue-tied Bernie Webber, a young man almost cripplingly respectful of authority and, as a product of the era’s social conservatism, strikingly reminiscent of Emory Cohen’s character in the Oscar-nominated Brooklyn.

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He keeps saying they're his chips, but these guys keep coming by and taking them anyway!!!!!!!!!!

Scarcely have the waters closed over Ron Howard’s In The Heart Of The Sea, which I liked although it sank without trace at the box office, than there arrives another wave-tossed, storm-battered maritime melodrama.

Australian director Craig Gillespie’s fine, rather old-fashioned film chugs slowly towards the eye of the action, carefully building our emotional investment in its hero, appealingly played by Chris Pine.

Go ahead and take a sec to catch your breath 'cause someone accidentally left G-Thang's mic pack lit up for "Sitting Down with a Standup" (8 min.).

Thrill to timely Tae-Bo jokes (maybe Seltzer and Friedberg could hire him on as a co-writer if someone ponies up for another Movie movie), fake machine gun sounds, doesn't-technically-qualify-as-jokes about gas being 0 a gallon, and leching over the jiggly broads in the cast. "Girl Fight" just spends a couple more minutes leering at Carmen Electra and Kim Kardashian as they rassle, and "Who's Spoofing Who?

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