Crigslist dating personals

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“It will not be my last thou (sic).” The post has since disappeared from Craigslist, but not from the radars of concerned Oklahomans.A spokeswoman for the Tulsa Police Department said an investigation is ongoing. The craigslist and associated trademarks are owned by craigslist, Inc. If you are on Windows 10 and already updated to Once it locks your ONLY option is to exit the app and restart it. First, Craigslist allows users to operate in total or near-total anonymity, meaning that they can both pretend to be just about anyone and can expect to meet a range of potential victims.

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They’re more willing to take risks, and tolerate eccentric or suspicious behavior, because there’s money on the table.

If you scour the crime logs of places like Gary and Tulsa, more incidents emerge: transactions gone wrong, dates turned ugly, would-be roommates or landlords or handymen who aren’t quite what they said they were.

On Reddit, a popular horror forum called r/letsnotmeet frequently catalogs users’ encounters with Craigslist sketchballs: “I really love Craigslist,” one post begins, “…

Bug fixes [05/02/1014] posting bug fix Overall it's much better than the usual Craigslist experience.

[07/12/2014] Fix account logon issue due to's change [06/11/2014] New hide/unhide feature.

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