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He had a Wood and Chaff business and was also an enthusiastic member and elder of the Wesleyan Church at Burra.The youngest of the Teddy family was a Mary Teddy, a talented church organist, and later to marry Elijah Thorn Humphrys, a farmer of Hanson and Farrell Flat. James and Hannah Flower were small farmers and butchers who emigrated from Timsbury, England with their children to Adelaide in 1854.Jesse and Isabella Humphrys had 3 children while living near Adelaide and in 1859 followed the Flower family to Stony Gap, and purchased land adjoining the Flowers.Stony Gap was on the main bullock team track from Burra to Black Springs, and the land had been leasehold.The Humphrys and Flower families, expanded with 5 more children to Isabella.The families succeeded at sheep farming, and each were to extend their holdings by 1000 acres.Two families went to the Burra region, one family to the Kingston area. John and July Thomas and family, emigrated in 1849 to Burra.John had been hired as a mine manager by the Burra mine agents in England because of his expertise of timbering in Cornish mines.

click - List of Julia and Luke Teddy's Descendants 1827 2014.. click - Elizabeth Flower and Ernst Blesing click - Jabez and Elizabeth Anne (Carter) Flower click (10) Jesse and Isabella Humphrys Life in Australia..John was shrewd enough to realise that a better life was to be had on the land, and as the government was surveying and selling off the land around Burra, he invested his Burra Mines income in land north of Burra, near Mt Bryan.The second daughter Jane Thomas was to marry a Henry Collins, and that branch of the family would go on to create the world famous Collinsville Merino Stud near Mt. The eldest daughter Julia, however was to marry a young Cornish miner, Luke Teddy, who turned out to be a not so successful farmer, but a popular character.He was also to be involved in the installation, operation and maintenance of the Cornish Steam driven pump which had been recently purchased to de-flood the Burra workings.John and his sons were also involved in supply of timber for the shaft supports, as fuel for the boilers of the pump, and also for the smelting process.

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