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My writing buddy and I both got our first books accepted by agents in the same week. But my friend only had to submit a short summary of his book (non-fiction), a ten-page writing sample and a one-page author info sheet.To sell my novel, I had to send the agent a full draft and notes on potential buyers, as well as an author info page. Dear Fabio, To some extent the differences have to do with agents’ preferences.In the final totting up, you and your friend will both have written harder, longer and better than you knew you could!—The Editors Nov 16, 2017 Conditional Weather Dear Geist, What’s the difference between weather and weather conditions?But I keep doing it, and I don't think I should be watching for it and stopping to reword when I'm on a tear with the story. Dear Allacia, Quite right—those surges are best allowed to roar ahead.Here's a suggestion that is said to have come from Mark Twain: “Substitute 'damn' every time you're inclined to write 'very'; your editor will delete it and the writing will be just as it should be.” Or just go through the manuscript later and delete or reword 'em yourself.CBC Radio hosts use both, in equally solemn voices, but “weather conditions” sounds somehow more threatening than “weather.” Is it? We love CBC, but we’re guessing “weather conditions” sneaked in there to jazz up the daily drill.How many times a week can one say “And now, the weather” without nodding off at the mike?

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Find a great page or paragraph by a writer you admire and write it out in longhand, word for word.All my advice from mentors, teachers and on-the-job trainers is to keep sentences short and direct, for quick, clear comprehension by readers.Dear Wannabe, In many contexts, a short, simple, direct sentence is best.I had plenty of evidence, including one primary source.When I asked him, he assigned me to figure it out because he wants all his students to be perfectionists like him.

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