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The various cultures of the Eldar that exist today in the 41st Millennium are only shadows of the glory of that ancient Eldar empire.

The true origins of those who now call themselves the Dark Eldar can be found in hidden enclaves amidst the atrocity and mayhem of the terrible time of the Fall of the Eldar, the great cataclysm that nearly destroyed the entire Eldar race.

The Dark Eldar are a twisted reflection of their Craftworld kin.

They dwell in the strange realm known as the Webway, inhabiting Commorragh -- a cyclopean interdimensional metropolis rightly feared as the Dark City.

Their athleticism and speed are unmatched, except perhaps by their towering arrogance.

Add to this their lethal, arcane science, and the Dark Eldar are amongst the greatest of threats in an already deadly galaxy.

The Eldar mind and psyche is a thing of duality: it can experience zeniths of bliss and nadirs of suffering far more keenly than that of the other intelligent starfaring races of the galaxy, including Mankind.

The Dark Eldar are the living embodiments of all that is wanton and cruel in the Eldar character.Yet for all their physical beauty, the Dark Eldar are still repugnant monsters.When viewed with the witch-sight of a psyker, the Dark Eldar's black souls are revealed, for they eternally thirst only for the anguish and torment of other thinking beings in order to fill their own infinite emptiness.Their roots as a culture lie at the very height of ancient Eldar society, when theirs was perhaps the most highly advanced species in the Milky Way Galaxy.The Eldar once boasted mastery over an interstellar civilisation that was the greatest seen in the galaxy since that of the Old Ones.

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