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These people lived, and continue to live, in the area which is now the Indian state of Kerala.

Their internal caste behaviours and systems are markedly different between the people in the northern and southern sections of the area, although there is not very much reliable information on those inhabiting the north.

Trade with China, which had declined for some time, began to increase once more in the 13th-century and it was during this period that two small Nair kingdoms were established.

Both of these — at Kolattunad and at Vernad — contained major seaports, and they expanded by taking over the inland territory of neighbouring chieftains.

Although trade with China once more went into decline in the 14th-century, it was replaced by trade with Muslim Arabs.

These family units along with their unusual marriage customs, which are no longer practiced, have been much studied.

One notable alliance was that of the Portuguese with the Kingdom of Cochin, with whom they sided in order to work against the power of the Zamorins of Calicut.

Although Calicut remained the most significant of the kingdoms until the 1730s, its power was eroded and the rulers of Cochin were freed from being vassals of the Zamorins.

Arab traders had firmly established themselves at his port and although trade still went to the ports of the other two small kingdoms it was in relatively small amounts.

Indeed, the kingdom based at Kolattunad had split into three even smaller kingdoms; and the ruler of Vernad had conceded considerable powers to local chiefs within his kingdom.

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