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Anne Dacier died (Aug 17, 1720) aged sixty-six, at Preuilly-sur-Claise.Dacomb, Beatrice Eliza – (1863 – 1947) Australian inventor Beatrice Dacomb was born in Portland, Victoria (Nov 22, 1863), the daughter of a merchant.Her epitaph described Lady Dacre in very laudatory terms.She made provision in her will for the construction of an almshouse to house twenty people and for a school for twenty children, the funds for these projects being taken from the income of the manor of Brandesburton in Yorkshire.She left Queen Elizabeth her collection of jewels and to her brother, Lord Dorset she left a portrait of the queen set in jewels.Dacre, Barbarina Ogle, Lady (Lady Brand) – (1768 – 1854) British poet, translator and dramatist Barbarina Ogle was the daughter of Admiral Sir Chaloner Ogle, and his wife Hester, the daughter of John Thomas, Bishop of Winchester. c303 AD) Greek Christian martyr Daama (also called Damia) was killed at Tomis, on the Black Sea in Asia Minor, probably during the persecutions initiated by the Roman emperors Diocletian and Maximian Daia.Her feast was recorded in the Pels, Auguste van D’Abreu, Lucy Victoria – (1892 – 2005) British centenarian Born Lucy d’Souza at Dharwar in India (May 24, 1892), she was married (1913) to a surgeon, Abundius d’Abreu, to whom she bore several children.

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She was sister to Thomas Sackville, the first Earl of Dorset.

Maria Dabrowska died (May 19, 1965) aged seventy-five, in Warsaw.

Dache, Lilly – (1898 – 1989) American milliner Lilly Dache was born at Beigles in France, and was apprenticed as a young girl to a milliner in Bordeaux.

After WW II Dache branched out into creative ready-to-wear dresses and accessories for the next two decades, and finally retired (1968). With the deaths of her father and first husband, she removed to Paris, where she later married (1683) the publisher and editor, Andre Dacier, and both of them converted to Catholicism.

A specialist in the classics, Madame Dacier produced the first French translation of the Greek poet Sappho in .

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