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It is important to remember that body language will be somewhat different in different English-speaking regions.

In this post, we will explore some general rules of body language in English communication—but above all, pay attention to context and how the people around you use facial expressions, hand gestures and body positions.

I won’t trouble you with a lecture covering how some of the words you use actually aren’t words at all.

At the end of the list we will provide an exercise to help you practice and master English body language. Sometimes people fail to express themselves clearly with words.

Like most of the words on this list, “nuclear” is spelled EXACTLY AS IT IS SUPPOSED TO BE PRONOUNCED and yet, people continue to screw it up worse than the War in Iraq… Overlooking the fact that many people also seem to have precisely no idea as to the latter word’s true definition (I’ve had several conversations where people bizarrely substitute “prerogative” for words like “agenda”), this is another problem that can be attributed to ignorance in the arena of “Sound It Out, You Lummox.” The ‘R’ comes before the ‘E’ in both of these words. Yes, “utmost” is an adjective synonymous with “greatest” (a term that immediately calls to mind some tangible Mount Olympus-type of vertical hierarchy and the word “upper”) but that second letter? educated in your excruciating political debates as we approach November 3.

I cannot explain it any more simply than my second grade teacher once did: “You always want to have a good candidate for your CANDY DATE.” Candy date. This is one of those words that ultimately had to abandon its crusade for righteousness and now has been corrupted to the point where dictionaries may list the incorrect pronunciation as acceptable because of just how rampant the ignorance grew to be. no matter how awesome the rainbow flavor is, there’s still only one ‘R’.

If everyone said what they truly meant, it would be much easier to communicate in English (and any language! Sometimes people intentionally say the opposite of what they mean.

Therefore, learning a few common body gestures that indicate a contradiction, sarcasm or confusion can be helpful to avoiding misunderstandings.

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